Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's a Funny Feeling

Yesterday I went to an 8:30am class with my roommate at 9nth Degree.  It's a kickass workout, for real, its 55 minutes of non-stop cardio and strength intervals and I am SORE today.  Good sore.  The kind of sore that hit me first thing in the morning and stretching feels good.  Not a defeating debilitating sore, but a my-muscles-are-getting-stronger-because-I-worked-so-hard sore.

I decided to take Sunday as my rest day, since I plan on making it to the gym 6 days a week going forward and I want to start this week (I made it 4 days! Hooray!) and I had the funniest feeling this morning....

I wanted to go to the gym.

First I thought, well, maybe I'll go for 30 minutes to burn off the 4 girlscout cookies I ate before bed.  Then I realized that I just really wanted to go sweat, go watch some bad tv on the elliptical, push it on the treadmill.

Im still going to take today and rest, but maybe tomorrow I will be a little extra excited when its 4pm and I need to change into my gym clothes at work and I'm cursing the world and all the cheese bread that I ate this weekend.  Maybe then I'll be a little bit jazzed to lace up.  We shall see.

Check out Nth Degree Here:

Im going again Wednesday night at 630, care to join?

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