Monday, April 25, 2011


Honestly that's the only thing I can think to describe the last few weeks.  I'm not going to give a list of excuses or anything, but lets just say April did NOT turn out how I hoped it would, not in the least.

I ended up driving to Milwaukee a few times, which please trust me, is a trial.  And I also had THE WORST COLD of all time, it was the cold to end all colds, I was coughing up things that no person should be coughing up.

I ran once, with Kleenex and hand sanitizer on the treadmill with me, people at the gym gave me dirty looks, it was not fun.  I did, however, put up this decent time.

Ummmm, can we not talk about how that was a week ago.  Yep, a week ago.  I was dreading the gym today, and I skipped actually - not my proudest moment and of course I regret it, but Its just been SO LONG since I've been there. I mean, A WEEK.

I also ate this:
I KNOW.  But lets get real, I didn't eat the whole thing, I split it with my incredibly lucky boyfriend.  I also drank this:

That would be cranberry juice, orange juice, and champagne.  His drink (pictured behind mine) was Guinness, Amaretto, Orange Juice, and beer.  It was surprisingly good - mine was better (duh) - but his was still good.  OH I should mention that this brunch was eaten at Comet in Milwaukee and if you are ever in the area I can't recommend it enough, we have been there twice now and both times it was beyond fantastic.

I've also been stalking a new blogger whom I absolutely adore.  I want to be her.  Everything she makes seriously blows my mind, and I've looked at this cupcake fondue post for the majority of my day.
 I seriously need to upgrade my sprinkle collection, please contact me if you are interested in donating to my sprinkle fund.

Okay I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow and I'm trying to muster up a renewed sense of purpose in myself.  I'm going on a HUGE vacation May 19th and I have a teeny tiny weight loss goal that I'm hoping to achieve by that point, May 26th is also my birthday, and it is generally a time that I should be feeling at my best, not my why-in-the-hell-did-I-buy-that-much-Easter-candy-worst.

I'm feeling much better and glad to be back! Until tomorrow, bloggies.

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  1. Great stuff! Hope you get into a routine so you can post daily.

    (I also enjoy the use of the word bloggies.)